Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ergonomics I

1. Workplace 1 is uncomfortable, messy and cramped. The office chair's height can only be adjusted, and adjusting it is difficult. The computer monitor is too far away from the person, making the screen hard to see. The lamp is made of metal, thus burning the person when he tries to adjust it. The light is also to bright and glaring to do work. There is also insufficient space on the desk.
Workplace 2 is comfortable, organized and neat. There is a lot of space on the desktop as there are rails that the computer monitor, lamp, shelves and computer are mounted to, thus reducing the clutter on the table. The position of the computer monitor can be adjusted, making it easier for the screen to be seen. the lamp's light is not glaring and can be easily be adjusted to suit the person's needs. The chair can be easily adjusted to suit the person's posture even when he leans back and sit sup straight.

2. Working in work place 2 will be preferred over workplace 1. Workplace 2 is tidier, neater and more comfortable to work in. Workers can also be more productive when working in workplace 2.

3. The workplace should be comfortable, have sufficient storage space to ensure that the desktop is neat and tidy; the computer screen should not be too far away from the user, the space between the user and the screen should be about thirty centimeters. The lighting should not be dim, nor should it be glaring.

4. It will help the designer think how efficient the product is and why will he want to buy it.

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